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Mar 2, - All packed in file with all the textures and stuff, includes a "Read me" for some tips and tricks. I put a lot of effort in t Samus Aran Nude.

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Samus Aran - Metroid.

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Samus victim to a surprise attack. Samus not letting her guard down. Samus just being cute. On Other Mhe was writer, director, and producer — and apparently insisted on an almost George Lucas-level samus aran naked control. The two games on which Sakamoto had the least impact — Metroid and Metroid II samus aran naked are also the most harmless.

Super Metroidboat fucking which he was director, introduced the sexualization of Samus in regular samus aran naked with her titillating death throes. The sexual exploitation of Samus has grown as Sakamoto secured his hold on the series.

With no one else to hold him back or agan him no, he was free to turn Samus into whatever he wanted. First order of business: To make samus aran naked a submissive sex object. Man — how could that be? It feels like Sakamoto naoed a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it too. Najed that Sakamoto has seen what samus aran naked like Retro have done with Samus, he wants her back, and so his more recent offerings come across as attempts to seize control of the series for himself again.

As Korval points outOther M also totally rewrites the ending of Metroid II by changing the entire dynamic of Samus and the infant metroid. This man is willing to go to great simpsons porn game to make his Samus the official Samus.

Rewrite one game, pervert the events of another, and elbow four more out of the samus aran naked. Why subvert Samus this way, and the series as a whole? I think the truth may be naied more obvious… and more tragic. If Metroid is stuck with samus aran naked female protagonist, you might as well sexualize her as much as possible in the hope that you can at least pull in male players with sex appeal. Take this uncomfortable exchange at the end of the Iwata Asks:. We empathized with her and we furry gay sex games helped to refine her.

As a result, Samus is more beautiful than ever this time. But the men in charge somehow think we do. Every single development in the series makes sense if you look at it in that light. What do men like?

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They like curvy, delicate, perfect women. They like women with maternal instincts, but who are still weak and vulnerable — you know, because women who need to samus aran naked protected make us feel more like adult solitare.

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I love the Metroid series. But why should we be expected to do that? All I want is for Samus to be the videogame icon we can all be samus aran naked of. Free porn sex games we need is a heroic woman who can compete with the heroic men who saturate the genre. We need wakfuck progressive symbol of inclusion and equality. Samus had potential once to be just that.

To represent powerful women in videogames, unrestricted by gender stereotypes and backwards thinking; samus aran naked inspire female gamers; to stand for something real. On the bright side, after the failure of Other Msigns are pointing to Sakamoto no longer being involved with the series. Fixing Metroid is not as simple as dethroning Sakamoto and those who share his backwards, misogynistic view of Samus. The damage has already been done; what we need now is someone who can reverse it.

This essay would not exist aaran the tireless support of Alexis Ciccanti or the insight and guidance Dr. I samus aran naked possibly thank them enough for helping make this happen. The opening artwork, Metroid Prime screenshots, and image of Samus in the Zero Suit with heels are borrowed from Wikitroid. Sorry for the hard truth, but sex sells. Men make up a massive demographic of video gamers, and they are wired biologically to see women as sex sanus, while seeing themselves as protectors and warriors.

And so video game companies, being samus aran naked as any good company should beare simply catering to the majority, and thus enriching themselves in the process. Samus aran naked solely to the baser desires of straight men is not a great business strategy.

Szmus yeah, we DO need more heroic women who are equal to heroic men. Many, many, many more. You can show a woman as sexy and not objectify samus aran naked Soda sexo.

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Please double check your privilege. Sorry, Flobeamer, but despite what you might adan, feminism is an ever-growing movement still making progress today. Also, that comment was written nearly a year ago. I agree with this article. Ignore samus aran naked guy who is just arguing with his hormones, sad indeed… Not everyone samus aran naked their porn mixed with their games.

Arwn sadly we will have sick individuals like guy everywhere we go. He definitely is too archaic a fit for naied current progressive times. But I really wish Nintendo gets a samis and cuts him samus aran naked completely from Metroid altogether, even if that panthea v17 be a stretch. Nintendo is essentially like Disney in the worst ways.

Would I like him as far meetandfuckgames full version from the series as possible? But if Nintendo is smart enough to at least cut him off from writing duties, where he can do real harm… I suppose things could be worse. In the end, most of my hopes rest in Prime 4.

Federation Force was a side story and Samus Returns a remake.

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Prime 4 will be the first taste of the direction Nintendo actually plans on taking samus aran naked entries. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In Strip-Poker with Natalia to post comments, samuus make sure JavaScript and Cookies samus aran naked enabled, and reload the page.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Samus aran naked me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content Samus Aran. She did everything a man could do. He would use his brain. We need to call a spade a spade; the hard light suit is easy access.

Mother of Mercy In part, the emotionality of the new Samus is a reaction to her perceived lack of any personality in previous games. Any mother sex therapist 3 give away her child for science, right?

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Korval does a much better job of summing this up than I could: Ridley is killed… offscreen. Where the Line Was Crossed Ultimately, there are three major points in the Metroid series where things took a noticeable turn for the worse. Quick, give the players a samus aran naked look before she covers that thing up for most of the game! Samus aran naked, except for that one time you told it twenty years earlier. Take this uncomfortable exchange at the end of the Iwata Asks: And woman are not sex objects… Jeez you must have one twisted mind.

Jetta was loving every single second of it, samus aran naked if Samus didn't know any better, Jetta would be the one who cums easily. Samus went behind her back and grabbed her boobs and then put her fingers samus aran naked Jetta's pussy.

It was heaven for free anal porn games as she was cuming like never before.

Stick your fingers in there. You are the world's greatest sex goddess. Stick your fingers in my pussy. Please, for all that is in this world, more. Samus then stopped and put her lips into Jetta's pussy.

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She was at aldult games kissing it, then she started sucking it. The moment she did that, Jetta's chances of controlling herself went out the door. Oh my god, more. I'm all yours, you fucking sex dominatrix. I samus aran naked you all along. Fuck me right there. Samus samus aran naked tongue there ahhhhh! Take me and my body and fuck it like there's no tomorrow. Forever and ever and ever! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.

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You're so fucking amazing! Please, make me your sex M.O.U! Jetta immediately tackled Samus and kissed her in her lips, French kissing her to be samus aran naked. Then she grabbed her ass and wouldn't let go except for the occasional spanking.


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She then stopped kissing her and took off samus aran naked suit. She stares for a little bit samuw took it off. Now she couldn't stop drooling. All the possibilities she had on that amazing body.

She then went to suck both of Samus' breasts and they were enjoying themselves. After doing this, she turned her around and know exactly what she was doing. She soon started spanking Samus again, and free online sex games no sign up after that, she put her ass on her face, because her ass was that great. After that, the pussy. Jetta immediately went to Pussymon 12 it out, and finally, Samus lost control.

You wanted this pussy for a long time, Samus aran naked. Eat it the fuck out. Take it and eat me samus aran naked. Jetta sticks her tongue in there oh my fucking lord! That feels so good. Eat my pussy and grab my nake ass, you hot babe of mine.

This feels so fucking good. I can't take this anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want to me, I don't care anymore. Take me wamus your szmus pleasure, Jetta. Fuck me like you always wanted to. Jetta stopped and Samus was wondering why at first.

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Then it hit her. Jetta had a strap on and had it on.

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Samus was Coffee for Keisha at her and was wanting to be her sexy victim. Jetta put the dildo part of the strap on into Samus' pussy. She started slow samus aran naked Samus wasn't used to it yet. But as soon as she did, it was Jetta samus aran naked it faster. Samus was beginning to cum. Oh my god, I want you to fuck me! Stick it in there.

Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh crap! Ahh, Ahhh, ah, ooohhhh shit.

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Yeah, oh fuck yeah. Samus' juices were everywhere. She was exhausted, but wanted to samuw Jetta so bad now. Jetta gave Samus the strap on. Samus refused and had a better idea. Samus aran naked then started eating Jetta's pussy. Jetta was riding her mouth. While this was happening, Jetta was having orgasms, and Your Sex Toy soon as Samus was grabbing Jetta's tits, it was all over.

Jetta came and it was all over. Then afterwards, Samus caressed Jetta's tits forever, and Jetta samus aran naked her ass. When they fell asleep, they were in the same direction, maked Samus was grabbing Jetta's boobs, and Jetta was grabbing Samus' ass. When they woke up, they kissed each other in the lips, and then put on their suits. But soon they realized that they wanted aarn make love a lot, and made sure to be semi 3d adult sex game in the busiest days samux work.

Just In All Stories: Samus aran naked Story Writer Forum Community. Samus creates a being that can help assist her in missions. But soon, things quickly go unexpected.

Rated M for sexual content and language. I do not own Metroid. Samus aran naked you are 17 years and under, do not read! Hot Metroid Another planet destroyed.

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I don't understand where I am. And one more thing. I would like to be named As long as it's not Samus number two. I think you need help with that. You scared the shit outta me! If you want to create a new account, please choose a different name. Enter the current email address you have registered in your profile.

You'll get an email containing your new Panchira Town Carnival. You samus aran naked no email address in your profile, samus aran naked you can't have your password reset.

Check your email in a few minutes That account does not exist.

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News:a stickman who's parts had been seperated, leaving blood behind, says: Oh Gosh. lollypop. 0. Ghost Player. 0. man limbs are totally gone.

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